Back Up & Running

You might have noticed that I took a little break threre—sorry—but I'm back and ready togo. I haven't been posting for awhile because the hp I was running on died… ya. So after a few trips to Best Buy & a whole weekend of talking my parents into getting me one I am now happy to announce that my a Mac! I got the new 27"(Which is amazing!) iMac & it's awesome.

I've been wanting a mac for what feels like forever & for good reason: Textmate(among other reasons), and it's awesome. I won't go into it too deeply in an effort to not sound like a fan-boy or to make it seem like I'm reviewing Textmate. I'm also enjoying Mail, Tweetie, Spaces, & Terminal.

Not only am I rockin' a new iMac but I'm also working on several different projects. Some of which I'm keeping secret for now but others are open for everyone. One of those being, I'm working on my own CSS framework. Not to reinvent the wheel but I thought that I'd just take the time to make my own that is personalized for me specifically. For instance: I have my own reset that I like to use that kinda makes me nervous while using with another framework. Maybe I'm being superstitious but it bugs me.Anyway I should be on my regular schedule from here on out.

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