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Today all my wishes came true, I found Textshell. I've been looking for a good text editor for awhile… I used Intype for awhile but found it a little depressing how long of a wait it'll be until it launches. Admittedly, I used Dreamweaver for a week or two, being very strict on the features that I used. My most recent code-editing blunder happened this week, I gave in & installed the monstrosity that is e text-editor(ewww!).

Today, I just happened to stumble across a link to Textshell. I took one look at it & new that it was the answer to my prayers. Now this goes without saying but what defines a good text editor on Windows is how close it is too Textmate. Say what you want but that's what it all boils down too. Textshell could definitely use a UI face lift but it's not horrible.

The killer feature for me is the integration with Texmate specific files. For instance I can use a theme made for Textmate with Textshell—how awesome is that!

I do have a few problems though:

  1. It has this weird always-on-top thing going on & it kinda bugs me.
  2. It comes pre-packaged with all of the Textmate snippets & some of them only work in Textmate.
  3. I can't just close a project I have to open a whole new window.


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